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  • What is Custom Picture Framing and how is it different from framing that you would purchase from a larger retailer?
    Custom Picture framing is done to your specifications: any size, any combination, and whatever requirements are needed to frame your project right. We take a lot of pride in being able to find solutions suitable for almost any work of art. A larger retailer often offers framing in standard sizes only and in materials of a lesser quality.
  • Do you offer Conservation Grade Framing?
    Yes, absolutely. We are often referred by the Gerald Ford Conservation Center, here in Omaha, as the "go to" for completing a fully restored project with Custom Framing. We offer a full range of conservation products including Museum Grade Optium Acrylic, 100% Rag Mats, Micro-Chamber Technology, etc.
  • What moulding companies do you carry?
    We have access to most moulding companies and would be happy to look into a source if it something we should be made aware of. Here is a brief list of the companies we currently carry: Roma, Larson Juhl, Fotiou, Nurre Caxton, Arquati, Frameworks, International, Picture and Frame, Omega, Decor amongst others.
  • How much does Custom Picture Framing Cost?
    As in most Custom situations, it depends on almost all of the variables in the project. We offer competitive prices and are willing to research to find the best deal. We can accomodate projects that require cost effective solutions as well as the finest, most appropriate framing for your satisfaction. We carry a full line of Ready-made framing as well as Artisan carved Italian mouldings. One of the the points of pride we have is in being able to accomodate whatever is needed per customer.
  • How long does Custom Picture Framing take?
    It usually takes us around two weeks to complete a standard framing order. There are variables that can always affect this time frame (holidays, extreme weather, workload). If a situation arises where immediate framing is needed we always do what we can to accomodate the situation (yes, even you procrastinators out there). If a framing project is taking much longer than expected we will contact you to let you know. We do our very best to stay as close to the time frame discussed during your ordering process.
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